Wednesday, April 13, 2011

04/13/2011 - Last TRANSFER!! (A 10 Week Special Assignment)

New Companion: Elder Radmall from Oregon
New area: San Juan
Living in a house with 14 missionaries!!

WOW! You’re scaring me with all that travel itinerary talk. I still got a lot of time left :)

So yeah we had some crazy all day meetings about the stuff we are doing in the mission and in our project and I am very excited. We are going to be working in San Juan my companion is Elder Radmall but a different one than the first one I was comps with and he is from Oregon. Way cool kid!

We will all be in the same Ward all 14 of us in the same house as well. We will also go and work with other missionaries on Monday and Tuesday of every week and then in our own area the rest of the time so that should be pretty cool. I’ll get to see most of the whole island and then we are going to take two trips to the islands for 3 days each trip. I’m WAY! excited we are going to be working a TON and having a TON of fun - I LOVE IT!

But yeah thanks so much for getting all that school stuff done. Jason told me that too - kinda crazy. It will be way fun to have him up there with me though – I’m pretty excited. I guess one of his buddies from the mission is going to be going there too. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I’m really getting scared.

I don’t have much time today. I already took a trip around the islands dropping off bikes and yeah we are so busy it’s crazy!

Oh and I did that with my eyes - I waited a long time (like 2 months) and then I got new contacts and it didn’t work :( so I guess I’ll just wait till I get home.

but yeah got to go

LOVE YA and I’ll talk to you next week

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