Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Yeah I don’t really care when I talk I’m good with everything but if I do it the Sunday I get home just let me know what my topic is and you’ll have to let everyone know its my homecoming so yeah idk which is better. I’m ok with whatever Bishop wants! Tell him he can decide!

That’s cool Eric wants to do a lawn mowing business. It’s a great idea. I’ve thought about doing it a lot but yeah you just have to have a nice rider. I know a lot of people that have done it and made thousands of dollars - way good money during the summer you just have to find the right people and make sure you get a good price :). Tell him to go and hand out flyers and talk to everyone and put it in the newspaper and all that good stuff and I bet he would get some good customers :).

The new program is going good. It’s a little crazy but I like it. I just got back from Salinas last night. I was over there for two days working with some other Elders so that was fun. I was with Elder Foggin from Magrath - he said his dad went to Magrath High but he would have been like 3 years older than you. It was way fun to talk about Canada with him though.

But yeah all the Elders in our group are way good friends and we love it. On p-day we all split up and half go wash clothes and 1/4 clean and another 1/4 buy food. We go to Costco and its hilarious buying food for 14 missionaries. It’s a lot of fun.

Things are going great and we are having fun it sounds like everyone is doing good back home

Love ya

Elder Ward

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