Wednesday, July 7, 2010

07/07/2010 - New Mission President and New Companion!!

New Mission President - President Alvarado from Puerto Rico
New Companion - Elder Nauahi from Hawaii

ALOHA! From my new companion Elder Nauahi – haha!

So we had some pretty crazy events this week. So first of all I was in that three some and then one night they called us and they said that the next morning we had a meeting with the whole mission so we had to wake up at three in the morning and I had to drive us up to Bayamon for the meeting where we got to meet the new President and his family. We got to listen to him speak and then after the meeting we all shook his hand and talked to him and when I went by he said hi and Elder Gordon was standing right next to me and so he asked me is this your companion and I said one of them haha and he said WHAT! A THREE SOME! Wait in my office and I'm going to talk to you right after so we waited and then he came in and he said what do you guys think about getting a new companion? We said sounds good and he talked to us for a bit and then said that we would get one in 12 hours so I said ok great! We didn’t know who would be splitting or nothing so we all walk past him and shake his hand and I just walk past the door and he said Elder Ward I need to see you in my office again and I just kind of laughed and went back in and he yelled down the hall ELDER NAUAHI so we both sit down and he talks to Elder Nauahi a bit and then he said ok sounds good you are companions. Go to Elder Nauahi's apartment and pack his stuff we aren’t going to wait 12 hours! So it was pretty cool! I’m now in the same area I was in and it’s awesome. Elder Nauahi is from Hawaii the same island that has the BYU and the Temple and the Polynesian Cultural Center. We are doing great he’s an awesome kid and we are working hard and just having fun. I’m really really excited for the rest of this transfer it’s going to be great.

But anyways so about the work we have been finding a lot of people and we have been teaching a lot and we have a wedding that will happen on the 10th, a baptism of 4 on the 17th, and we have some really great people that are planning on going to church and we are just trying to find more people. The new President is really great and he just loves the people here and knows them because he’s from Puerto Rico and yeah things are just going good and I’m way excited!

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this weekend and that you were enjoying the cabins. I can’t wait to see them and stay up there for a while. Haha! But yeah that’s great as well that Brad blessed his baby and all that good stuff. Sounds like everyone is just doing great and it’s crazy the family is just growing and growing and growing.

But anyways -- so I was going to ask if you could do me a huge favor by the 17th. We were going to do it through the mission office but they don’t let us do it anymore but we wanted to see if you could send us a nice set of scriptures in Spanish and on the front get written Familia Gonzales and send those to us and you can just send it to the house but I’ll get you that address next week and then you can send it :) THANK YOU! and then me and Elder Simons will split the costs :)

Well I better get going but I hope everything is going great!

Love You,

Elder Ward

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