Wednesday, July 28, 2010


WOW that was a big email and I’m in a huge hurry so yeah sorry but I have to make it a bit short. About the package well I don’t really need anything but that and did you ever find that book called Missionary Pal? That would be about it! I’m pretty good - Oh and I found my camera cord so don’t worry about that :)

So sounds like a ton of crazy stuff is going on back home! Haha! All sorts of activities and lots of fun! The missionaries in the baptism photo are Nauahi, Simons, & Gordon and the little girls name is Tanisha and she is the coolest and the little boys are awesome too. Pretty much the coolest family ever!

That’s crazy Andrea will be there soon and that they aren’t moving till next August but that would be cool to go and visit one more time maybe to help them move or something!

The Olympics are cool we won’t be able to go to any events cuz today was our last p-day before they end and we didn’t get the chance but it was still cool to see all the stuff and hear all the riot!

Me and Elder Nauahi are doing great and having fun we are teaching some really cool families right now and we are going to start setting baptismal dates like crazy here soon so that should be exciting. One family is way awesome and we’ve got to get them married as well but I think it will happen soon :) They are the family Maesoneft and they are awesome!

If you send the package by Wednesday it should get to me by Tuesday, I think but if not just send it to the office and also if you get the chance to go to an lds book store I would also like the book called The Miracle Of Forgiveness if you can :) but yeah things are going great

I love you guys

Elder Ward

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