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So Elder Nauahi never went to BYU Hawaii but he lives in the same town and knows a ton of people from there and like all his buddies parents are professors and stuff so it’s pretty cool I think I'm going to try and go there for a semester when I get back but yeah!

So about the scriptures … I forgot to tell you that our p-days are Wednesday now haha but yeah the wedding did happen and it is the Gonzales Family and they will be baptized this week :) on the 17th but yeah just send them as soon as possible. This is the address: Calle Rossy #39 Altos
Cabo Rojo, PR 00623

But yeah please send those and that would be great. Also, I was going to ask you so the other p-day some how I lost my camera cord and can’t find it so I was thinking that I'm pretty sure Jason lost his camera and maybe his cord is just there in the house in the computer desk or something but yeah I'm still going to look for the cord and I hope I can find it but my camera is dead right now and yeah its kinda a bummer. :(

So yeah my district is Elder Simons, Elder Gordon, Elder Nauahi, Elder Bown, and Elder Parodi (who is from Spain and very excited that they won the World Cup but sad at the same time he wasn’t there to enjoy it with everyone hahaha) But yeah I've been driving in Puerto Rico forever. It gets a little different at times but it’s not too bad haha but yeah I'm senior comp and transfers were like 3 weeks ago or something like that.

That’s cool about Jason’s mission president and wife sounds like his mission is pretty crazy haha but I guess you can’t win them all haha its either living luxuries or humble people that’s the trade off I've decided!

So sounds like the fireworks were pretty crazy and exciting to see that’s a lot of fireworks haha

That’s cool you talked to Tyson and everything sounds like he’s doing good. Man its weird that everyone is like done with their missions and wow it’s crazy – mission time is FAST FAST FAST and Chris is getting married that’s pretty crazy wow I'm old! :(

But yeah the ward here is going great. We are trying to get them a little more excited and working hard so we are trying to get them to think of ideas for activities they want to do and we are passing around sign up sheets to go work with us and stuff so we are getting them going a little bit better. We had a good meeting the other day and they got excited and started thinking of good things to do and it was great. Cabo Rojo is a nice area especially now that we get to use our car a little bit. But anyways things are going great, we are working hard, and having fun!


Elder Ward

PS: idk if you ever went to get the books yet but i would like if you could check to see if you could also find a book called Missionary Pal Reference Guide for missionaries and teachers by Keith Martson if you find it that would be great to have as well :) thanks
love ya
Elder Ward

(Message to Jason - we think?)
Hey do you know an Elder Akina or an Elder Pickard? from Hawaii cuz Elder Nauahi my comp grew up with them. Who are the friends you got in Hawaii?

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