Monday, July 19, 2010

07/19/2010 - Familia Gonzales Baptism (Cabo Rojo)

HOLA so yeah you guys didn’t write me this week because last week I told you they changed my P-day but they have all this stuff planned for this week so President moved it to Monday but they say its only for this week and then it’s back to Wednesday again! Kinda crazy but hey what can you do haha! It would be nice to have like a week notice or something haha but o well!!

So this week was GREAT! The Gonzales family got baptized and that was an amazing day! It was so so so awesome seeing a whole family get baptized and WOW! They are just so awesome! It was great!

Also this week they had us go to the Opening Ceremonies of the Caribbean Olympics and talk to people and hand out pamphlets and stuff and that was pretty cool. The Olympics would be way awesome to go and see some games. They were going to do the soccer right by our house and we were stoked to go on p-day but last minute they changed it and now soccer is in Venezuela so yeah kind of a bummer but o well haha!

But yeah things are going great and we are working hard and having fun WAHOOOOOO!

Love ya,

Elder Ward

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