Wednesday, October 13, 2010



I knew Justin would show up. He’s the one that was really good friends with me and Nate and I knew he was in that mission. That’s who I was talking about when you said that Ste’fan was going there. That’s awesome I hope he sends me a letter that would be great. :)

But yeah things are going great! We are doing awesome and just loving it here. We now have 5 baptismal dates and Grace will be baptized on the 24th. Then we have Frank who we have to get married and help him quit drinking and smoking but he’s doing really great. We have a meeting next week to get him started on a program. Then we have Elsi and Jonathan that have a sweet little family of four and are really learning and growing and we have the date for them on the 20th of November. Then another family; dads a member and is really getting things going and they will get married and baptized in December so things are looking great and we are just having a ton off fun. :)

That’s awesome Eric’s a priest now. I can’t wait to help him prepare for the mission – it’s going to be great! Haha! Do we still have six missionaries in Mtn. Home? Do we have Spanish speaking ones? It’s kinda funny, my whole mission I’ve have been trying so hard to get members to come out and help us and to do missionary work cuz Puerto Rico is a bit small and it’s a bit difficult here but I was thinking the other day if I’m always trying to get all these members out with me I cant be a hypocrite so I’ll have to do some missionary working when I get back :)

So it sounds like everyone is doing great and life is good. How is everyone from highschool doing. Do you ever see any of those guys like Luke and Chris and Chris and Charles and Brad and all those guys? I sent Kyle a letter the other day so I hope he gets it. It’s actually going to the Hall’s house so he will get it some how :)

Well I better get going. Thanks for sending that stuff I should get it soon!
Love you guys,
Elder Ward

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