Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10/20/2010 - Cabo Rojo

Wow that was a good report haha!

So it sounds like everyone is doing really good and getting old! I would love if Kori is going to byu-i. That would be great. Tell him to get up there! Haha! and if you see any of them you can tell them hi for me. You haven’t heard from Nate have you?

That’s really sad about Nick Stover. I remember teaching him will position in football. I used to make him stay after practice with me and hit the tackling dummy and pull the sled. That’s way sad he was a good kid! I guess it just goes to show how the things of the world just work people down and eventually destroy them.

But on a happy note it sounds like football is going great for BSU. I really hope they keep doing well and get a shot at the BCS that would be awesome ... it kills me thinking about football. I would love to play again! Haha! I’ve been talking to my companion about maybe finishing my associates at byu-i and then transferring to somewhere with sports but idk! Haha! I don’t like to worry about it but he insists I move to Utah and I calmly explain to him that one day he will come to Idaho have the taste of a great state and come around! Haha!

So yeah the work is going great. Me and my companion have been traveling all week again which is kind of annoying especially because we have all these great investigators and we haven’t been able to visit them like we would like to but we love the work and we do what we are asked gladly! Haha! :) This Sunday Grace will be baptized. She is great! One of the coolest ladies I have ever met. She loves the church and she is VERY energetic even though she is 70 years old! Haha! She goes to the store and every month she fills up about 5 bags of groceries and carries them to all the people that go without in her neighborhood. She loves the Book of Mormon and all her 7 kids :) tell her not to be baptized cuz its a serious decision and she tells them all to read the Book of Mormon and they’ll all feel the way she does! Haha! She’s great.

But yeah anyways things are great. We are working on a program to get 18 mini missionaries in our zone for one week and do splits with them to double the work. So we are pretty happy about that and I can’t wait for it! WAHOO!

Sounds like Jason is having fun and has a lot of service to do! Haha! I bet he’s loving it :)

Well I’ve got to go but you guys have a great week! Tell dad and Brad if they see some big deer to not miss cuz I heard all about what happened last year with that wolf! :)

Love you guys

Elder Ward

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