Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/2010 TRANSFERRED!!

New Area: Vega Baja
New Companion: Elder Dennis


Wow sounds like things are going great in Mtn. Home. That’s so crazy about Jace’s mission. I can’t believe that he didn’t ever wear normal clothes (suits) that just seems so crazy to me but cool at the same time.

So right now I’ll fill ya in on the changes. I have a new companion which is a bummer cuz me and Elder Burton thought we would be comps forever! But yeah my new companion is way awesome though and his name is Elder Dennis and he is way cool and knows a lot about Idaho and hunts and does all that good stuff so we are pretty excited about that. I’m way excited for this transfer. Also, I moved to Vega Baja which is a great place so I’ve heard and we are living with 4 missionaries in an apartment and that’s going to be awesome I think because we are all really great dedicated missionaries which just makes everything fun. So yeah I’m in a completely new zone and everything so that should be fun!

So I’m excited - sad that I had to leave so many really cool families that are progressing but excited for the new adventure. It will be great!

Thank you so much for the package. It was great! Elder Burton told me to tell you you’re the best and we were going to send you a great thank you card but they changed us so yeah thanks!

For Christmas I think I’m good. I don’t really need anything and don’t worry about sending a little tree or ornaments and lights and that stuff cuz i just use it for a tiny bit of time and just throw it away the only thing I can possibly think of would be a nice face shaver but I don’t know cuz I’ve kinda gotten used to the blade ones cuz my old electric was pretty horrible so yeah I don’t know if I want to go electric again or not!

I love you guys - things are going great and thanks for everything!

PS: Grace got baptized on Sunday and it was way way way great to see - she is awesome!

Elder Ward

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