Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11/03/2010 - Happy Halloween!


So yeah Halloween was pretty normal cuz we had to go in early but I had a meeting in Bayamon so yeah we just got done working at 6 and then drove over to Bayamon and had a meeting and I was fasting so kind of a weird Halloween. But good haha sounds like the trunk or treat went well that’s crazy there were so many people I would love to see a ward that has at least 150 people total haha the ward we are in right now has about 75 active members but we are getting it up the ward in Cabo Rojo two weeks before I left hit 104 so that was exciting :)

I’m not sure when elections are in Puerto Rico I guess it’s supposed to get pretty crazy when they do do them but yeah I didn’t see anything how often do they vote for that kind of stuff cuz I’m pretty sure all the big stuff that happened here happened while I was in the MTC a year ago but who knows haha

That’s good they went out to go hunting that should be fun. Maybe they’ll whip Kyle’s butt and get him going on a mission haha but yeah I remember Galan he’s a good guy you have fun hanging out with him too bad he didn’t wait till next year to come that would have been cool to talk to him and his son in Spanish :)

So me and Elder Dennis are doing great he is a great kid and he is from Oregon originally but he lives a ton of years in different parts of Idaho which is cool but yeah we are getting along great. So right now I am not a zone leader anymore I’m on a special assignment haha as President likes to put it :) but I still do all the same stuff the zone leaders do it’s kinda funny I thought I was going to take it easy and not have to worry about all that stuff but I guess not :) well actually I don’t have to put on the zone conference which is cool that one goes all on the zone leaders Elders Bailey and Taylor haha they are great! We all 4 live in the same apartment share the same area and ward and everything it’s pretty cool.

But yeah everything is going great we are working hard we both got sent to the area at the same time and the other elders were already there so we pretty much have to start completely fresh with investigators and all that good stuff and learning the area but its good we are enjoying it and finding a whole ton of people which is great we just are really focusing on getting to know the ward a little better so that we can get some members out working with us :)

We happy and having fun and we should have a baptism pretty soon. We just have to get them married they are great and really loved church and yeah we are excited about that

Love you guys

Elder Ward

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