Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11/24/2010 - Dia De Accion De Gracia!!

DIA DE ACCION DE GRACIA hahaha thats thanksgiving in spanish kinda a mouthful

but yeah they celebrate here so yeah yeah thats good and bad at the same time because sure its great to celebrate but we also work on those days and its really hard to get citas with people that are celebrating and yeah so its kinda difficult but its good this thanksgiving we have a bunch of service that we are going to do in the morning and then we have a dinner cita with a family in the ward and then well i guess well see what we will do after that :)

yeah i would love to go back over to England before she comes back just because it will still be easier while she lives there and i never got to go to ireland and scotland but yeah we do have a ton of stuff we need to spend money on so yeah i dont really need to go i just kinda picture it as like a last chance thing but your right there is a lot more really important stuff like SCHOOL YIKES! i hope i can get a good paying job when i get back. but yeah about the whole picking up missionary thing the prophet said not to do it so i im not going to ask my president but im pretty sure he tells people not to do it everyone that haves ever been here with there parents went home and then came back like right after.

i would love for you guys to see puerto rico but yeah im just not exactly sure what we would do cuz we could come back and go see all the people that i used to teach and go to the beach Thats really all there is for tourist is beaches so what people do when they visit is just stay in a really exspensive hotel and go to the beach but what i would like to do more than anything else would be just rent a car and go around the island to all the towns i served in and enjoy the beach and try surfing haha (thats another reason why you couldnt pick me up is cause i wouldnt be able to go to the beach and swim) but yeah i dont know how you guys want to do it but if we are planning on comming down to Puerto Rico right when i get back i would deffinitly say no to england cuz thats just way to much money and it would be better and more logical to save it for other things but if you want to wait and go to Puerto Rico later in like a two years with jason and the fam we could do that too it just all depends on what you guys would like to do :)
but yeah i dont know what we are going to do for christmas this year cuz its a new president but i would imagine that we will all spend christmas eve in the mission home and then christmas day usually we just call and then have citas with members :)

but yeah sounds like life is going good back home and that its getting cold im going to freeze like crazy that first year home i get cold at night when it drops down to like 70 haha its been getting a bit cooler now with lots of rain so thats been nice :) but yeah everything is great we are teaching some great people and working hard I LOVE IT!

love ya

Elder Ward

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