Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/2010 We got ROBBED!!!

WOW! the family is just growing growing growing thats crazy its hard to keep track of it all but yeah you can tell leash congratulations for me :)

haha good job on the missionary story that is so great you should come down here and teach the members a thing or to haha jk the members are just so young in Puerto Rico so they just need a little help sometimes haha but they are great. but yeah thats so awesome that they are going to church and things you should tell the missionaries that you and dad will go over and teach with them if they want that would be fun haha we are always trying so hard to get members to come and be friends with the people we teach but its hard i bet there the missionaries have members in like every lesson. But yeah i dont know who that kid is i have never herd his name in my life i wonder how he knew me hes only a year younger than me right? get them going go church and then ship him on a mission haha :) but yeah that is great keep up the good work and keep being there friends :)

we are doing great me and Elder Dennis o yeah i was going to ask you you have to ask dad if he knows a Dennis that taught the mechanics classes at ricks i pretty sure he does and if not i know gramps would know him but yeah hes my companions grampa he doesnt teach anymore but he used to when dad was there im pretty sure. but yeah so we are working hard we are trying really really really hard to find new investigatores and get members to come out with us its kinda difficult when you have to just start an area fresh with nothing to go off of but i love it its different and im enjoying it we do A LOT of finding :)

sounds like bsu is still just doing great and they just dont want to give them that bsc spot hu if they go undefeated and dont play for the title im going to be ticked haha that would be a joke but yeah they better get there

thats a bummer that galan didnt get to make it over that would have been cool for him i bet i cant wait to talk to be in spanish when i get home haha it will be way awesome especially people that i knew before my mission like galan and the hired hands on the farm that would be awesome haha

but yeah keep up the good work love you guys

elder ward

ps we got robbed the other day and the dang bumb got all my pictures from my whole mission so im a little ticked about that but i should be able to get a bunch of them from my old comps so we are alrigth :)

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