Wednesday, November 17, 2010


haha! yeah kinda a bummer about the robbery but the funny thing it was about the same deal it was halloween night and we were gone and they just knocked all the windows out but its funny cuz in PR you have bars on all the windows and so they are like steel frames on top of that and there is no glass but yeah so they got them open and then with there hangs and sticks they reached in a got the stuff they could reach and it just so happened to be that my box with all my picture cards and some other stuff were next to the window on my dresser but yeah o well they got some other stuff from the other elders too but yeah i dont need anything im pretty good :) and for christmas i dont need anything either cuz well i hate to admit it but im on the down hill and if i get anything it would just be a waste so yeah im good my shirts are gettin kinda nasty but they will last till the end and then ill just chuck them all and i still have two long sleeve ones brand new haha but yeah im doing good adrea said she was talking to you about sending me over there when i get back to visit here and going to ireland and scotland and london and maybe Germany so yeah if you decide to ship me over that would definitly be way more than enough for christmas haha (i feel bad though cuz thats a lot of money and im broke haha i got to get a good job when i get home nate was talking to me about working with him for a rafting company as a guide and then sarah whittier was talking about oya councelors and those would be way awesome if they pay good well have to see i dont like to think about it to tell you the truth :))

thats cool Elder Dennis grampa was dads teacher hes a really cool kid and his family sounds like really great people. his dad just got called to be in the singles ward bishop rick in oreagon hes freaking out haha its pretty funny his dads never been anything but young mens leader :)

our week is going great we are working hard and we teach about 20 lessons on average a week but not all of them are investigators its been really tuff to try and get some new investigators but we are doing great we set some high goals and are working really really hard and just spending all our time finding and its going to do great things :)

thats great skiggs got a talk haha im not sure whats on page 39 but im sure it will be great tell him to just study it real good and then just get up and let everyone know how he feels about it haha i love being a missionary and i love talking in church now i used to not like it before but its great i really enjoy it now ( i dont know if i will be able to do it in english though :))

wow it sounds like kim is doing great and it sounds like some good missionary work is going on all around thats awesome. thats cool bsu is doing so well but if they go undefeated this year and dont get to play for the championship that will be crazy ill be ticked haha

o yeah so i was talking to andrea about going to england and she said that you guys were thinking about going as well but if not i was thinking it would be way cool to go with like kyle or nate or a good budy so if you dont go you could talk to Debbie and Terry and Kyle if you decided to send me haha :)

well i better get going but yeah things are going great and im really enjoying my self we are working hard and making miracle happen haha

love ya

elder ward

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