Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/2010 - ARGH!!! BSU LOST to NEVADA!!!

BSU LOST!? thats so crazy i cant even believe that but i guess thats what happens when you dont get to play all year because no one you plays anygood and then when they actually have to play they cant because they havent all year long crazy i cant believe that wow

but yeah it sounds like the thanksgiving party was pretty good and things are going well kinda crazy that there was only a couple of people there it feels like our family parties are dropping in number i think im gettin old :(

Thats cool everyone got to go skiing i cant even picture tucker skiing hes gettin old haha man everything is going to be all different and wierd when i get home.

So anyways i was thinking about all the traveling after the mission and it would probably be best if i just went home and found a job and started working and making money for school and if you guys want to come down here we can either do it right when i get back or we can wait and it for christmas or something but yeah i was just thinking and that would probably be the best way to do it :)

well the work is going great and we are deffinetly having fun. we had our zone councel on monday and thats always a ton of fun except im dang tired haha weve been getting up at 4 and 5 for like 4 days straight now haha but i guess thats just how life goes :) o and this is the last week of this transfer but i already know who my next comp is and i know im staying in Vega Baja but ill let you know who it is next week cuz nobody is supposed to know yet hahaha

so yesterday we had a really cool experience at zone councle we talked about faith a lot and how that all works and how in order for great things to happen we just have to change our mindset and always be positive and thats faith we talked about how many times the church has been criticized for Prophising and then doing everything they can to make it happen and thats a self fulfilling prophicy and its just funning because thats exactly how it should be faith without works is dead so if you dont do all you can then you dont have any faith. Soooo.... i decided to put it into practice i told my comp right after zone councel we are going to find a great family and then in my prayers i didnt say please help us to find a family please give us a family or put the family in our paths i said we are going to find a family and please just bless us with the strength and knowledge we are going to need and then we planned a ton of finding time and we were pretty excited but to make a long story short we didnt end up having anytime to do the finding but i called a referance that we got set up an appoint we ended up being able to do it and its an AMAZING family of 8 sadly the dad had died 8 months ago but thats why they are looking for a way to strenghten there family in christ so we taught them a bit about Eternal Life they loved everything they want to go to church and are just perfect GOLDEN is what they say haha but yeah it was just a really cool experience and im WAY excited to work with them WAHOOOOOOO!

but yeah i better get goin i love you guys and hope you have a great week

Elder Ward

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