Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/08/2010 - Zone Leader

New Companion: Elder Taylor from California


haha no i wasnt anything last transfer i was on a special asignment haha but even though i wasnt anything president gave me special invites (as he likes to call it) to all the meetings and i still had to do a bunch of junk and me and my companion lived with the zone leaders but today is the start of another transfer and now im zone leader again and my companions name is Elder Taylor from california hes way cool and im excited i already new that we were going to be together and everything but yeah its going to be fun im still in the same apartment and the same town same area just now i dont get to teach all those people we found last transfer :( but it will be cool Elder Bailey and Elder Taylor have some way awesome families that they found and ive met them so im way excited some of them have been investigators for a really really longtime they just arent there yet but they will be soon :) this saturday we are baptizing a man that has been going to church for the last 6 months and he finally decided to get baptized so thats exciting we just have to make sure he is 100% on the law of tything and hes good :) but yeah so things are going good that big family of 8 we went and did some service for them this monday and that was good we carried like 500 cinder blocks up a hill into this house it was fun a good work out haha but yeah they love us and were really grateful and the mom is reading and studying so yeah im really excited for them Elder Dennis and Elder Curtis will be teaching them again tonight :)

but anyways sounds like things are goign great back in Mtn. Home and like a lot of snow thats cool and exciting i would love to see some snow President said something about getting us snow for this christmas so im thinking hes going to rent a snow machine or something crazy for the christmas conference but i guess we will see haha but yeah that sounds like a great missionary tool and im sure people loved it i would love to know what people think when they go to something like that and see how the church really is im sure its great :) were the missionaries there talking to people? i cant wait to see the new stake center i bet its way nice but kinda wierd that we dont go to the stake center anymore haha.

but yeah life is going good we are working hard and having fun and im way excited for this transfer i just hope it doesnt go by as fast as the last one :)

love ya

elder ward

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