Wednesday, December 29, 2010



well it was great to talk to you guys and great to have a real p-day today haha it seems like its been a long time but yeah things are going great and it sounds like things are great at home.

so what did you guys do for christmas? who was all there? anything exciting happen? our christmas ended pretty well after everyone was done talking we went and took all our investigator families presents and talked to them a bit so that was fun we enjoyed it.

so something kinda crazy Andrea was talking to me about the extension thing and all that and i was always way against extending because they call ya for two years and you cant just decide to change your call and yeah i was just always way against it cuz i fugured its like trying to stay a little longer in a calling when the bishops tells ya hes going to release ya but then on sunday i got a phone call and president wants to extend my whole group and do a this special little program so i told them i would haha so i guess now we will see if the brethren aprove our extensions the maximum it could be would be 30 days so i guess well see what happens haha if it gets passed that would mean that me and jason would probably only be a little under 6 months difference kinda crazy hu?

O YEAH! IM GETTING MARRIED BY CHRISTMAS 2012 FOR SURE!!! hahahaha jk that would mean i got to find her date her and marry her all in under a year and a half thats a lot of work haha... but i bet i could do it in under a year ;)

love ya

elder ward

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