Wednesday, December 15, 2010



well things are going great here we just had a baptism this week hes a really cool guy his names Angel Pabon and it was great he had been going to church forever and so it was amazing to see him finally get baptized he had a lot of stuff holding him back but he made it he even had his family members of a different faith bribe him to drink cofe so that he couldnt get baptized it was crazy and we had to commit his wife to pay tighthing BUT HE DID IT! haha it was great and his wife finally went to church and went to his baptism and she loved it we went to their house yesterday and they both have just progressed a ton since the baptism she is really interested now and hes just way excited and reading all the church books he can get his hands on its great! :)

we are also working with some great families tonight we have a cita with the perfect family they are having troubles excepting the book of mormon so we are planning to help them with that today and im really excited for that :) and then we just have some other people and families that we are working with so we should see some great things here soon :) this ward hadnt seen a baptism for a year so with all this good stuff thats going on we feel like they are just going to get excited and explode :)

so anyways sounds like everything is going good over there nice and cold with lots of snow. thats cool that you got to go to the funeral and see everyone i bet that was fun haha and a bummer they didnt get to shoot any geese. have they done any hunting this year?

Christmas here in Puerto Rico is pretty cool i would say thats the thing they take the most pride in here haha its kinda funny cuz they just have all sorts of extra hollidays and things and they celebrate give gifts they dont carrol they do parandas which means they just run around to peoples houses play and sing and dance to puertoriquen music and they dont leave until you give them some stuff to eat haha but yeah christmas is pretty cool here they have trees and all the goodies but the bigger holliday for them is three kings day and thats when the most gifts come haha but yeah we will be having a pretty good christmas conference this year it sounds like so im excited for that

i havent been taking pictures :( ive been really busy so yeah i need to be better about that ill get some dont worry

being a zone leader is great and yeah we have to teach and do everything all that good stuff just as much as everyone else we just have a ton of other stuff we have to do as well pretty much this whole week we have been getting up at 5 just to try and get everything done haha but i like it its great keeps me busy :)

well the cinder blocks were to build the house haha all houses here pretty much are made out of cinder blocks and cement so yeah it was all the blocks to make the walls of his house :)

but anyways i got to get goin so i dont think i will be able to use internet this next wednesday so if you have any plans or anything like that for christmas send me a letter so that i know becuase i will be calling christmas day sometime so yeah just send me your schedule but yeah i think thats all for this week love you guys

elder ward

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