Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Haha yeah my companion was telling me about BYU before I read your email! Haha! Kinda crazy isnt it? They are a really young team this year so yeah but sounds like BSU is still doing good!

So that’s crazy Jordan is home and I bet everyone was excited to see him. I saw some pictures of him and yeah he got WAY skinnier. Good for him :) So what’s his plans? Is he planning on going to BYU-I, if he is - tell him to get going. They always say if a missionary comes home and bums around for a while that’s when they have problems! Haha! But yeah when I get home I’m just going to find a good job so I can get a lot of money to go to college :)

That’s good you found the hair cutter but yeah me and my companion are excited to get the package. We thought you might have sent it already so we were all excited to get it Friday because some people are coming over from the office on Friday but yeah don’t worry about it we will get it soon enough! Haha! Usually someone comes over at least once a week or we have to go over there so we’ll get it :)

Yeah Conference was great I really liked it. We watched all the sessions it was great! This time in our mission the new president said that before anyone could go to the conference they had to talk to 140 people cuz that’s what the prophet wants - so yeah he said if you don’t talk to 140 you shouldn’t go cuz you can’t truly sustain the prophet if you don’t do what he asks! It was great and everyone did it :) Sometimes some missionaries need a little motivation to work hard :) but yeah things are going great, conference they talked a ton about parents teaching their kids before they throw them out into the world. It was cool - I really liked everything they talked about. The priesthood session was great as well :)

But yeah the work is going great we have a couple people that are planning on getting baptized and we are really excited for that. We really want to get the families going cuz in every situation its one individual that wants to get baptized but the family needs some work and then some other ones the family is getting baptized they just have their wedding date set for Dec 11 so we have to wait a while haha! But yeah we should be seeing some baptisms soon :)

o yeah I got plenty of contacts! So I had a little bit of a supply when I started the mission and I’ve rationed them nicely. A set lasts a lot longer than 1 month so I’m doing great :)

Things are wonderful her in PR and we are having fun and working hard. The time is just going by faster & faster and me and Elder Burton and just getting nervous and freaking out (we came out together in the same group) I don’t want the mission to end and I don’t know how to slow it down :)

Love ya guys

Elder Ward

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