Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Sounds like all sorts of things are going on at home. Kinda crazy and really blows my mind that Jordan is coming home WOW!

Sounds like the cabin is going well and that BSU is doing good again. My comp is a huge sports fan so every once in a while we have to talk about some good old sports history and a good classic is the BSU Fiesta Bowl. Its crazy how many people all remember that game :)

Zone Leader is fun you’re just super super super busy all the time. Zone leader in my mission is a lot different with the new president and I think a lot different in other missions but yeah its great. We do all the same stuff as other missionaries except we get a whole lot more stuff thrown on top! For example this week we were in Bayamon for 2 days and we haven’t had a p-day in about 4 weeks. So we are cut short on time but as a leader your area has to be an example for all the other missionaries so it’s kinda crazy cuz you’re just always working crazy hard but I love it. I LOVE BEING BUSY! and yeah we do all the interviews for the District Leaders’ Baptisms and yeah we have to travel a lot. Zone Leaders get 2000 miles on our cars so that we can do all the traveling we have to do. Elder Burton and I are good planners though and we try to stay in our area and when we go we try and get it all done in one trip but yeah its great :)

That’s so crazy that all those kids are getting on the mission. I feel so bad I haven’t written Kyle back yet. I have to do that. I just haven’t had p-day for a while!

So about the Garments the Larges will be too big I need all mediums and I would like 6 pairs if you could do that for me :) I already got a pair that I tried and I love them dad was right the whole time they are GREAT! SO MUCH COOLER! (but don’t let him know I said that) ;) but yeah if you could send me like 6 pairs all medium that would be great :) and if you got some room we would like a big thing of laffy taffy and some airheads haha :) and one last thing I have money to buy it because its an expense that I can use my blue card for and I always have a ton of money left over but they sell these really nice hair cutters at Costco for like 35 bucks and we have been trying to get a member to take us to get one but we always have to go do something on p-day so we haven’t bought one idk if it would be easy to get and then take it out of the card board and send it in a flat rate and then I can take money out of my card for it. But that would be nice if you could do that but if not we’ll just have the member take us when we get the chance :) so just 6 G's, bag of laffy taffys and a box of Airheads and we’re good :) haha

but yeah everything is going AWESOME -- here we are working way hard and having fun. We have set like 3 dates this last week and they are all really awesome people and we can’t wait we are way excited -- 1 of them is a family, the dad went less active but the mom and the kids are not members and the dad is fully active again and really awesome and they are doing great so we are excited for that. One of the other ones invited us over to eat and told us she was going to feed us something completely different that they don’t eat in PR and was all excited and so we went over and she gave us tacos haha! It made me laugh but the best part was she said ''I was reading in 2 Nephi 31 and it says you need to get baptized and I loved it that was my favorite part'' it was a miracle. So we just gave her a date right there and she is way way way excited. She’s way way cool - now we just got to get her husband to quit drinking and get in shape haha

Well this thing is huge so I better get going!
I love you guys thanks for everything!

Elder Ward

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