Wednesday, September 15, 2010

09/14/2010 TRANSFERS!! - Staying in Cabo Rojo

Haha for some reason I totally forgot that you were in England. haha kinda funny but then I remember but yeah sounds like your having fun and enjoying yourselves!

haha yeah sounds like that is kinda funny the whole thing with the stores in the mall I guess Europe is the big nice clothing place haha so I guess it makes sense.

That’s cool BSU won. That would have been cool to watch. We’ve watched a lot of football games with the Christiansen’s haha I wonder if Brad was telling Kelli that she knew how to warm the best leftovers up in the microwave haha!

Well things are going great around here. We are working hard and having fun! A lot of crazy stuff went down this transfer but it ended up working out all good and exactly how we wanted it. President wanted me to go to Mayaguez again to be with the zone leader there (that’s what he told me like 3 weeks ago) but then something happened I’m not sure what and now Cabo Rojo is the Zone Leader area so me and my comp are staying (which we are really excited about) cuz we didn’t want to leave the ward. We were really starting to build up but yeah so everyone is happy :) and yeah kinda crazy but good!!

I also sent one box home I tried to send two but they told me I stuffed the prepaid box too full and that they wouldn’t accept it so I’ve got to figure something else out. It’s just a box of stuff I’ve gotten during the mission.

But yeah everything is going good we are finding some great investigators and we are working with a 16 year old kid that we are really excited about. He’s a friend of a member so that’s definitely good we just need to find out and get a hold of his parents :)

But yeah I’ve got to get going!
Love you guys and have a great week!

Elder Ward

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