Wednesday, September 8, 2010

09/08/2010 Cabo Rojo


Life sounds crazy! haha that’s cool but weird - two more marriages! It’s pretty crazy once you go on a mission it seems like people get married every week haha but yeah that food sounds so so so so good kinda bummed that I missed it and the wedding of course :)

It sounds crazy that they are already heading back home. Time just really flies it seems like yesterday they got to Idaho but yeah everyone always says that when you hit the second half of your mission the time just starts cruising and I’ll tell you what they weren’t lying it goes like crazy. This transfer ends in like a week :(

But yeah everything is going really well here and we are working really really really hard and having a ton of fun. We have some good families that we are working with and the mission is still making a ton of changes and stuff and wow it’s pretty crazy but really cool!

Our mission now focuses on less actives more than anything else and retaining the people that we have and so ever since we kinda changed the focus things have been pretty crazy and we are having a ton of success and things are just great. Last night we had two family nights with two less active families and that was really good and we also had a family that has been less active for a while come back to church this Sunday! It was GREAT!

But yeah I’m lovin life and just having fun WAHHHOOOOO!

Love ya

Elder Ward

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