Wednesday, September 1, 2010

09-01-2010 Hurricane Earl - A no show!!


Yeah everything is going great here! Earl came by and we were praying that it would just slam us and give this island a nice little humbling experience like in Book of Mormon times but for some reason it just missed us haha but yeah things are going good it was a good week and we have been doing some great stuff.

Haha that is so crazy that Jason doesn’t have some of that stuff. In Puerto Rico you can pretty much find everything but yeah its kinda funny because every single house you go to they eat rice and beans everyday and they like freak out if they don’t have rice and beans its funny they all go to the states and are like we only got to eat rice and beans 3 days out of 5 and it was horrible haha but I’ll tell you one thing I don’t think I’ll eat another rice and bean for about a year after I get home :) then I’ll probably start to miss it and eat it once a week :)

Sounds like the cabin is going along good. They better hurry up and get it done soon or the winter is going to come haha it cracks me up because I swear in between like 2 emails you guys were wanting hot and then the next email it went straight to wanting cold it cracks me up (I'm still wanting some cold :))

haha sounds like Eric had a good little time doing visits haha that’s good stuff getting him ready to go I've already decided that when I get home I'm going to turn him into a super missionary haha and make him teach me the lessons once a week (don’t tell him though cuz we’ll have to take him by surprise haha) we’ll make him teach us the lessons in family night or something :) (Which will also be implemented on my return home :))

I actually cook steaks like once a week it’s pretty good but a bit different cuz its a Churasco which is a completely different cut than we us I'm pretty sure its a piece of brisket but I'm not sure haha cuz nobody knows anything about were it comes from they just say they eat it haha but its funny cuz I always make up all these sweet sauces to cook the steak in and every time my comps all freak out and are like you sure you should put that in there and then after we cook it they are always like WOW! That’s way good it’s funny!

Well thanks for the quote it’s actually in preach my gospel haha not the whole thing but most of it but yeah I like it it’s a good one

well keep having fun and enjoying the end of the warm weather I’ll talk to you guys soon I have to get going cuz we have to go to Bayamon for a meeting and lose our p-day :( but that’s life haha :)

Love ya guys

Elder Ward

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