Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Wow! Sorry I don’t have much time today we have been crazy crazy busy I’ve been running around like crazy but I like it :)

So anyways things are going great sounds exciting back home. You said Elder Packer came but it’s not the Elder Packer that’s an apostle? Supposedly this January Elder Uchtdorf and another apostle are coming to Puerto Rico so that should be exciting :)

We are just working like crazy and just really having fun. Two nights ago they called us up late and are like hey can you meet us in Ponce you’ve got to do a trade off. So we ran down there got Elder Alisa, he is an AP and way cool. He plays football for BYU and he’s a stud. He got a sack and a blocked punt the season before the mission but yeah he’s way cool. Me and him and Elder Burton get along really well and had a great tradeoff just didn’t get to much sleep cuz all the driving to Ponce – craziness -- kinda killed us! Haha! But it was worth it, we even set a few baptismal dates and yeah it was a great day :)

That’s so awesome that Eric read the Book of Mormon and that he’s got all those Mormon Buddies at school. That’s so great! He’s really lucky to have all them – haha! He’s going to be a stud missionary!

Well I better get going but I wanted to ask you if you could send me a couple pairs of mesh garments size medium with the swoop neck – haha! I want to try them out so yeah if you could send me a package with those in them that would be awesome.

I love you guys and I’ll talk to you next week

Elder Ward

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