Monday, June 28, 2010

06/28/2010 (Cabo Rojo)

Two Companions -- Elder Simons & Elder Gordon (Threesome)

Wow! Clear up in Canada! Haha! I still wear my Canadian pin on my suit jacket every Sunday and everyone always asks me if I'm from Canada and then I tell them nope but my mom is – haha! It’s kinda funny but wow Canada is a great place. I haven’t been for so long kinda crazy the last time we went (well I guess I went) was when we went to the mall wasn’t it? I can’t believe that Kim is getting divorced that is really sad and crazy I hope it all goes decently well.

That had to be fun to see all that old stuff and memories from Canada. I'm not going to lie I pretty much don’t know really anything about the family in Canada.

But yeah everything is going way good here. We are all combined in the same area now, me and Elder Gordon and Elder Simons. It’s pretty cool cuz we are a three some and we have a ton of people to visit and they gave us a car so that’s pretty awesome! That family I told you about is getting ready to get married. The wedding is on the tenth and then they will get baptized on the 17th so that should be really awesome! I’m way excited for them and then we are also teaching some other really cool investigators. One of them we taught last week for the last time though because she is moving to the states :( but she said she will talk to the missionaries there and she will probably be back in about a month.

Our new Mission President comes into Puerto Rico today so that should be cool. I will be writing a letter to him instead of President Martineau. It’s really kinda sad cuz President Martineau is the coolest mission president ever so it’s going to be weird getting a new one but he's really cool as well -- I just hope I like him as much as I liked President Martineau.

Well I’m going to get going but I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and that mom you’re enjoying your time in Canada with the family!

Love ya,
Elder Ward

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