Monday, June 14, 2010

06/14/2010 w/pictures!

Two Elders getting out of the RAIN!!!


So everything is going pretty darn swell over here! We had a pretty good week this week. We had a new lady that we invited to church that came and she really liked it. She’s kinda crazy and a bit difficult to teach but we are moving along just fine and she is enjoying it.

We also found this really really awesome lady that a member knows and she’s really old. She walked to church all by herself and she has a cane. Kinda crazy but also we went back and she can’t see very good but she wanted so badly to read the Book of Mormon so she said she said a little prayer that she would be able to and then she found a magnifying glass and a flash light and she said if she held it just right she could do it. It was amazing and she just loves reading. But yeah she will be getting baptized this Saturday. Me and my companion aren’t the ones that teach her because she lives in the other area but really she is awesome and we are so excited.

We also have another family (that I have told you about before) – they are doing great - they have a wedding date on the 10th and then that following Saturday will be baptized.

That’s really cool about BSU that should be really fun to watch them play BYU haha. But yeah Eric told me they went up to the cabin and sounds like they worked on the road a bit and got it all good to go.

Man you have no idea what I would give for a nice 70 degree weather bbq with ribs and potatoes and some salad WOW!!! its been so so so so hot for a long time I was dying from a really bad heat rash for a while but it all cleared up and now I'm pretty good haha!

But anyways yes I did receive my ties and they are awesome! I gave two to my companion and then one to each of the other Elders I live with and yeah they are awesome. It’s a way better way to buy ties - that’s the way we should have done it from the beginning but I guess we’ll know now when Eric goes on his mission! Haha!

But yeah sounds like everything is going great back home! Everything is just WONDERFUL here and I’ll talk to you next week

Love ya,
Elder Ward

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