Monday, June 7, 2010

06/07/2010 (Cabo Rojo)

Haha - Dad tried to cook another one of his crazy treats and it actually turned out! That’s pretty amazing! Haha! I'm always inventing and cooking good stuff for me and the other 3 missionaries its kinda funny because you have one hour to cook lunch and I always just do it right after studies so we have to cook it pretty fast so I always invent quick things it’s pretty funny but they always like it and now they think it’s fun to call me Betty Crocker!

So I still don’t have the package. President just came down to do a fireside with the Ward but I’ll get it Wednesday and all the other letters waiting for me! Haha! (I hit my year mark so I haven’t gotten letters for a while haha!) But yeah it was a really cool fireside … he just opened it up to questions and then we discussed it. It was pretty cool and then me and my comp rode back to the apartment with President and he talked about the Ward and everything with us. It was pretty sweet so hopefully we can get the Ward going strong with the missionary work!

So Andrea and Bill are already planning to come down and see everyone - that’s pretty crazy! haha You guys were just there and WOW! That’s a lot of money. I'm kinda bummed I don’t think I’ll ever get to go to England again and I wanted to tour like all of Europe while Andrea was over there. I want to go to Scotland, Ireland, and Germany and maybe Holland that would be awesome. We saw a returned missionary that came to the fireside with his family. He was back in Puerto Rico after being home for two years. haha It was pretty cool and President made him stand up and talk. It was funny! but yeah I think that will be the coolest thing ever to come back and see all the people that you taught on your mission!

-but yeah the missionary work is going great… our family is doing good. They aren’t going to get married the 12th but they will soon and then they will get baptized. We are working hard with them and they are doing great and then we found some other really cool people that I'm way excited to teach this week so hopefully we get some good things going. Well I better get going but before I leave I’ll try and send you some pictures :)

Love ya

Elder Ward

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