Tuesday, June 22, 2010

06/22/2010 TRANSFERS! Staying in Cabo Rojo!

Haha! I want a bbq so bad you lucky duckies but anyways you guys are crazy - you let Eric drive up to the Freer’s that's like letting a bomb loose! haha jk! Eric told me he drives the Tundra all the time now and I told him he better let it rest and use the Honda so that he can have some good first vehicle experiences haha. So what are you guys doing with the Ranger? Do you still have it? And the Explorer as well? Are you still driving that? And the Jetta?

WOWZY!! You guys are older than I thought -- 25 years married that’s half way to 50 haha and we just did Granny’s 50th not to long ago :)

So anyways tomorrow is transfers again and I'm staying here with my companion we are not sure but I think me and my companion are going to combine into a three some with Elder Gordon and they are going to combine our areas but we aren’t too sure yet we will see tomorrow.

One week from tomorrow President Martineau goes home and Elder Alvarado comes and it all combines into one big mission and then I guess we’ll see what new stuff happens when he gets here. haha cuz its pretty cool President Alvarado becomes the president the second he steps off the plane and then President Martineau gives him the phone and the keys and tells him good luck and then he gets on the plane and leaves. haha its kinda crazy cuz the old president doesn’t tell the new president anything they just start all fresh with new ideas and go for it!

We have some good people that are coming up to get baptized still that whole family and then we have some cool investigators that we are teaching but none of them have a baptismal date or anything yet.

The ties were good they are all pretty much used I think but in really good shape they are pretty much like DI ties haha! O and yeah I got the letter from Bishop Rhead this week I think I still haven’t written back but yeah it was him and Mallory and it was all in Spanish haha but yeah I should probably write back soon. So did they do that Helaman Camp yet? Eric goes to that right?

But yeah the heat is crazy its calmed down a ton but man it was killer bad for a long time and I got the heat rash because we have to ride our bikes really really really far to get to our area and doing that with the noon day heat is a killer but yeah I'm all good now and no problems.

That’s so crazy that Jordan gets home soon. Man that’s nuts! But yeah it’s probably a good thing that she wants him to start working so soon that’s what I want to do I'm going to get a job that pays way good so I can save up for school and start working right away. I was thinking I might try to get one of those forest fire jobs but we’ll see :) that’s a long ways away :)

Sounds like you are all doing good and that you will have a lot of fun with the whole family over. That should be really cool but yeah I got to get going you guys have a great day and week and I’ll talk to you in a bit!

Love ya,
Elder Ward

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